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Always check the credentials of any one working on Gas appliances etc

In Plymouth a Plumber has been fined for unregistered work installing a boiler.

The HSE have recently persecuted a plumber for working on a boiler without being Gas Safe Registered.

A plumber illegally carried out work to install a gas boiler in a Plymouth home. David Tucker, 41, was not registered with Gas Safe Register when he carried out the work at a property in Glendfield Road, Plymouth, in December 2014.

In a prosecution brought by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) today (10 July 2015), Plymouth magistrates heard Tucker had been asked to install the boiler and flue by the householder.

While Tucker had some training in plumbing work he did not have any qualifications in gas work and was not registered with Gas Safe Register.

Having installed the boiler Tucker left it working without commissioning it to make sure it was operating safely.

To fool the homeowner into believing that the gas boiler had been properly commissioned, Tucker used the name and number of a properly-registered gas installer on the commissioning document.

HSE Inspector Simon Jones, speaking after the hearing, said:

“Mr Tucker was not trained to carry out the work he was asked to do and when he left the boiler working, but not commissioned he put the homeowners at  risk”

As a business you can check if the engineer/plumber is registered by going to the gas Safe web Site also you need to remember to check what they are registered to do, this is particularly important for commercial operations.Gas Safe