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Deep lacerations from a Band Saw


A butchers has been fined after a worker suffered deep lacerations to one of his hands when working. The worker was cutting beef bones on a band saw at the time of the accident when he suffered deep lacerations to his left hand. The supplied safety devices on the band saw were not in use …

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Working at Height and Ladders


Checking ladders regularly is a task that no one likes to do, and from personal experience I know that most of my clients roll their eyes when I ask to see their ladder register during an audit.  But one company who will be checking ladders regularly is Volvo. A stepladder fall cost Volvo £900,000. The …

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Asda Fined £664,000 for Mouse Dropping in Rolls


A customer bought a cheese roll which was contaminated with mouse droppings. He initially thought the droppings were seeds and bit into them before realising what he was eating. On investigating, EHO’s found the bakery contaminated with mouse droppings throughout, the company had been visited 72 times in the preceding year by their pest control …

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Alton Towers Case Brings 3rd Biggest UK Fine


Alton Towers Case Brings Third Biggest UK Fine Alton Towers were fined £5M. The owner of Alton Towers has been fined a record £5M for the “catastrophic” rollercoaster crash that left five passengers with life-changing injuries and others seriously hurt. The Judge, Michael Chambers QC, said Merlin Attractions Operations’ safety procedures were “woefully inadequate” and …

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Protecting Your Workers

mind the gap

Slips and trips are often seen as comical but they are a leading cause of accidents. The recent Supreme Court decision re-emphasises employers’ duty to protect workers including those who work out in the community. The UK’s highest Civil Court has ruled that an employer was liable for the injuries of a home care assistant …

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Peanut curry death: Restaurant owner Mohammed Zaman jailed.


A “reckless” restaurant owner has been jailed for six years for the manslaughter of a customer who had an allergic reaction to a curry. Paul Wilson, 38, suffered a severe anaphylactic shock in January 2014 after eating a takeaway containing peanuts from the Indian Garden in Easingwold, North Yorkshire. Mohammed Zaman, 52, was found guilty …

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Shattered Lives

slips trips and falls sign

Over 10,000 employees suffer a major injury as a result of a slip or trip at work every year, some of which they never recover from. Make sure you properly assess the risk to your workers and customers. Things to consider in your risk assessment include: the condition of floors the working environment lighting standards …

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Star Wars – The Prosecution Begins

storm trooper

HSE to prosecute film company after Star Wars incident Harrison Ford suffered a broken leg and other injuries when he was struck by a heavy hydraulic metal door on the set of the Millennium Falcon. Although a film set is a glamorous place, it is still a place of work and machinery, etc., has to …

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